Careers in Policing


Webinars – 6th May 2021 16:30-17:30 and again at 7.30pm to 8.30pm

We are hosting a careers panel on Thursday 6th May at 4:30pm – 5.30pm and repeated at 7:30pm -8.30pm. We are aware that students have not had chance to gain as much insight into some careers as they would in the past. We have invited a panel of experts who can offer some fantastic tips and advice. These sessions are not specific to courses or to Bradford, they are to give an insight into each career, what it involves, what roles it can lead to, how you can research the role fully, what we are looking from when students apply for these courses and how to find out more information about careers in each area. We know a lot of students often research Social Work, Mental Health Nursing and Psychology with Counselling and we thought this would be a great chance to find out more when deciding which one is right for them, or just to hear from our experts in each area.

The sessions are at either 4:30pm-5.30pm or 7:30pm-8.30pm

Robert Strachan and Brian Mitchell – Robert is Head of Division for Social Work and Care and Brian is an academic and a qualified Social Worker and has an interest in human rights, equalities and inclusion and how these impact on professional practice. They will give an insight into what Social Workers do, where they work and what they are looking for from their future students in terms of skills and qualities and where you can find out more information about the profession.

Natalie Finch – Natalie is one of our academics in Mental Health Nursing and worked as a Mental Health Nurse as well. She will give an insight into the role of a Mental Health Nurse, where you would work, the key skills and qualities you need and what we are looking for when students apply in terms of personal statements and interviews. Natalie will also give an insight into the sorts of placements students will go on and useful sources of information to find out more about the profession.

Liz Walters and Catriona Morrison are joining us for one session each. Catriona will be joining the panel for the 4:30pm to 5:30pm slot and Liz will be joining the panel for the 7:30pm to 8.30pm slot. Both Liz and Catriona will be speaking about Psychology and what careers it can lead to and will give an insight into the profession, the roles that you can do and where you can work. Liz’s primary research interest is around the investigation of factors affecting neuropsychological testing in the elderly and the early and accurate diagnosis of age related cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s disease and Catriona’s research specialisms are mainly in language and memory research, including language and memory development and issues relating to changes in cognition across the lifespan. So if you do have any particular questions, make sure you attend the session that they are doing.However, they will both talk about Psychology and the types of roles you can do, including Counselling.

Once each of the panel have spoken there will be a Q&A

Booking information: Here

Please note our full programme of outreach and academic webinars is now on the website to the end of this academic year: Here

This is a great chance for 2022 entry students to find out more information as they continue their planning and preparation for future choices.