The school offer some exciting opportunities for students to have meaningful spiritual experiences below is a list of retreats offered to students.


Year 7 – All Year 7 go to Trinity University Horsforth Leeds for an Away Day in September. There are a variety of workshops including getting to know you, prayer and spirituality, Cafod run by Cafod team, a drama workshop on friendship and a tour of the campus. The RE / Pastoral team/ chaplain work together to run the day as part of Year 7 induction and links with partnership with our local Catholic university .

Year 8 – All year 8 continue to go on a retreat day to St Stephens at Skipton. They have a variety of workshops led by the RE/ Pastoral teams who link with the chaplain. The theme is caring for our environment and love of neighbour.

Year 9 – A group of 25 Year 9 students mainly confirmation students went to York heritage centre at the Bar convent York and visited sites of York related to Reformation. This was part of the Year of Mercy.

Year 10 – Annual Lourdes Pilgrimage.

Year 11 – Continues to offer a residential retreat to Crich Derbyshire before Christmas after the mock exams. This is for 2/3 days and the programme is run by the centre. Pastoral / RE team involved.

Year 12 – As part of their induction to Year 12 have a day at Trinity University. The Rise Theatre group performs and runs workshops throughout the day. The diocese youth minister was involved in running a workshop. 6th form pastoral team and RE team work together on planning the day for the whole year group. There is also a tour of the campus as part of the day to continue the important partnership with Trinity University.