Office 365

As a school we actively promote the safe use of digital technology to staff, students and parents. With this in mind we have made Office 365 available for all students to allow documents to be taken home and edited online. This also includes a school email account for all students. The login information is detailed below.

Office 365 Education gives teachers and students everything they need to communicate and collaborate, and in doing so aid learning. It is a cloud based application that the school have provided for students to enhance learning. You need an internet connection and either a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. You can use Office 365 on up to 6 devices at home.

You can use it to save and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. You also have a new email account which you can use for school purposes. Your work will then follow you around whenever and wherever you log in to the account.

You will need the following email address to log in to your account.

The password is your normal school computer login.