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SENCo- Miss A Pritchard

EAL Co-ordinator Mrs M Puntillo

At Holy Family we are proud to welcome families and learners from different cultures and backgrounds, and we value the diversity of our school community.

There are many students in our school who have English as and Additional Language, the main languages spoken at Holy Family by our EAL students are Urdu, Punjabi, Slovak and Polish, but there are many more such as Czech, Italian, Albanian, Pashto and Farsi.

EAL progress of language acquisition is individually assessed and tracked using the NASSEA framework and the DfE’s proficiency scale. This information can be found on the EAL profile and on the EAL register.

The information is available to all staff and teachers, with support strategies to help the student make progress.

During their time at Holy Family their progress in the curriculum is closely monitored.

The Bridge EAL staff provides induction for International New Arrivals with no or little English and small group language provision, to help acquire conversational English during the first weeks in school.

Depending on their language needs interventions are available for those students who require some additional support such as Catch-up literacy and Curriculum support.

The Bridge offers a provision for students at break and lunchtimes in the EAL room, where they can be supported with their homework, socialise with other students and speak to a member of staff.

The Bridge offers regular trips and visits for EAL students.

Students on the EAL register have an individual meeting with a career’s advisor. Students begin to receive information about careers through the whole school IAG process, and group visits to colleges are arranged to help with transition to higher education.

Focus groups are organised about:

raising aspirations


Keeping Safe

Relationships and Sexual health

We greatly value contribution that parents make, but we are aware that language can be a barrier to home-school communication, for this reason we organise coffee mornings for EAL parents, where parent can meet with staff working at Holy Family.

EAL students at Holy Family make good progress