Healthy Mind – Healthy Body

Mental health and physical wellbeing are inextricably linked

The welfare of our students in the 6th Form is essential in enabling them to achieve their maximum potential. There is an ever-increasing burden placed on students to achieve the grades needed for university, as well as the social pressures placed upon them to facilitate their lifestyle (employment, friendships, school work, family life and image). We are seeing growing importance in monitoring and educating students on how to prioritise their own health and wellbeing, to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. We try to encourage and support students in maintaining a balanced, healthy, lifestyle, to seek help when needed and how to organise their time effectively. If help was needed we would initially advise students to speak to Mrs Laughlin who is part of the 6th Form Team. However, we also have other professionals in school whom students could speak to with any concerns regarding both their physical/mental wellbeing.

Mrs J Butterfield – Support in School for Mental Health

Mrs Butterfield is our Mental Health Champion in school. She is trained to support students who are experiencing mental health difficulties such as anxiety, stress, self-harm, depression, eating disorders and others. She has regular contact with mental health professionals, educational psychologists and Camhs Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Mrs E Kearney – Catholic Care Counsellor

Mrs Kearney works across Catholic Education in Keighley as a counsellor to support students. You can make an appointment to see Mrs Kearney every Wednesday when she will be available to speak to you about any problems you may want to discuss.

Websites Available

Own G.P

Another person to consider speaking to if you have any worries is your own GP. You can visit your own G.P for support with stress/anxiety/depression or any medical concerns you may have either physical/mental.