KS3 Drama

Course Introduction

Drama is a subject which allows students to grow in personal confidence and explore the world through the use of their own sense of creativity. It promotes and supports students’ ability to work as a team and develop personal skills in an environment whereby they can express themselves freely and safely.

As students’ progress through KS3 they will develop their skills allowing them to devise pieces which push audiences to think.

Drama is a highly practical subject and students build upon previous knowledge and skills through performing and devising. Students are expected to try and develop their understanding of spatial awareness, vocal delivery and the use of drama terminologies which will allow them to effectively critique performances of their own and those around them.

Student Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of dramatic techniques and strategies.
  • To develop analytical and appraisal skills and to communicate ideas.
  • To increase personal confidence and confidence in working as a team.
  • To develop confidence to be able to perform to an audience.
  • To develop leadership skills.
  • To create a lasting enjoyment of Drama.

Course Content

Year 7
Topic 1 – Bullying
Topic 2 – Little Red
Topic 3 – Circus
Topic 4 – Creative Movement

Year 8
Topic 1 – Two Worlds
Topic 2 – Pantomime
Topic 3 – Stage Fighting
Topic 4 – Choral Speaking

Year 9
Topic 1 – Hit and Run
Topic 2 – Hillsborough
Topic 3 – Frantic Assembly
Topic 4 – Pop Culture


Students assessed again the school’s AWL system at the end of each topic. Feedback is given verbally consistently in each lesson from both teacher and peers in which performance targets are set and then roll over into each lesson. Students also complete a written self assessment in week 4 and week 7 of their carousel rotation in Drama and respond to teacher feedback in line with the school’s feedback policy.

What KS3 Drama leads to in KS4

GCSE Drama – This course gives students a chance to extend their learning and skills within Drama. We follow the Eduqas specification and this allows students to explore a wider area of Drama including modern day play texts. It also allows them to build upon their devising skills and gives them the opportunity to devise a performance from a stimuli and also a from a play text. It also gives them the chance to develop an understanding of the production of theatre from visits to watch live performances.