Water Safety

Reservoirs, rivers, disused quarries and other water bodies can be perfect places to visit, but they can be dangerous. Water may look safe, but it can be hazardous, which is why it’s important to spot and keep away from dangers.

The dangers of water include:

very cold temperatures – the water can be colder than expected, even in warm weather

hidden currents – there can be strong underwater currents, which can trouble even the most confident of swimmers

reservoirs are often very deep – it is difficult to estimate depth and they can be deeper than people expect

there may be hidden debris or underwater hazards which can cause injury, including weeds and plants which can entangle people under the water.

if it’s polluted it could make you ill

it can be very difficult to get out (especially steep slimy banks)

there are no lifeguards on duty the remoteness of some of these places can also hamper and delay rescue attempts


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