What Parents Think

Parent 1

I am a parent of two children that have gone through Holy Family 6th Form and have another child going into 6th Form in September 2019.

Holy Family has impressive sixth form facilities, outstanding teaching and helped and guided my children to receive excellent results. When my children first went into 6th form they were both unsure what path they wanted to choose in life.

It was with invaluable help from her English Literature teachers that my eldest child got into her first choice university. They put in extra hours to offer 1 to 1 help with her personal statement and UCAS application. From this, she was able to turn her talent for creative writing into a career.

My second child struggles with anxiety, but all the staff went above and beyond to offer additional support, ensure she was able to complete her studies to the best of her ability and follow her dream of going to university.

The Sixth Form Team have a friendly open-door policy where parents and students are welcome to discuss any queries, no matter how big or small.


Parent 2

My child loved being at the Holy Family Catholic School and had no doubt he wanted to be in the 6thForm there.

In the 2nd year, however, due to personal reasons, he began to go downhill fast. I as his Mum was very worried, but he wouldn’t talk to me at this time and closed up entirely whenever I asked him how he was feeling.

The 6th form teachers and support team would ring me, keeping me informed as to his mood and what they planned to do to support him. Eventually acting upon everyone’s advice he spoke to his doctor, as it was obvious to everyone who knew him that he was suffering from depression. However, he received very little help there. My once confident, outspoken, life-loving boy was a shadow of his former self and both I and his Dad, as well as his teachers,  were very worried about him. He missed a lot of schools that year and had no energy for neither work nor life in general.

I have to say the Holy Family 6th Form stuck with him, they didn’t give up on him. They listened to him, talked to him, supported him and loved him all the way. I knew my son was in safe hands when he was at school and that meant so much to me as his Mum.

His depression went on for months and months and his schoolwork suffered. Holy Family decided to give him a chance and told him he could go back a year and start afresh. He was so grateful for that. Slowly, very slowly he began to recover. I cannot thank the 6th Form teachers enough for what they did for him and he was so grateful too.

The following September (when he should have been leaving) he began his last year. Gradually the ‘old’ son returned. His passion for life and learning came back and his cheekiness as well! To everyone’s relief, he was better and he left school with good A-Level results that enabled him to get a place at a top university.

He wouldn’t be there today without his 6th Form teachers and the patience and support are given to my son knew no limits. For that, I bless them all and I know he does too. I cannot praise the 6th Form at Holy Family enough, I will always be grateful to them.