Where to Study

The LRC is solely for your use during the school day for private study.

Mrs Laughlin will be based in the LRC to give any support that may be needed.


Rules of The LRC

Remove your outdoor clothing before entering the LRC (coats, waterproofs)

Bags are to be placed on the floor, not on tables.

No food or drink allowed.

The furniture must not be moved, computer chairs must remain at computer desks and not the round tables.

You are allowed to use headphones in the LRC but they must not be audible to others.

A quiet library atmosphere is to be maintained-quiet voices!

No more than four people to sit at the circular tables at any one time.

Ensure you log off when you leave your work station leaving the login screen on and the mouse neatly to the right of the keyboard.

If you detect a problem on your computer alert the member of staff on duty and record the nature of the problem on the record sheet which is to be kept on the reception desk. Do not under any circumstances pull out wires and try to solve the problems yourself if the computer is not working.

The LRC is not to be used for socialising it is a place of study-no cards/chess/chatting/chilling.

The machines are not to be used for internet-based games or games that have been brought in on a memory stick.