It is vital that your child attends School as regularly as possible. This is important to avoid missing valuable lesson time and falling behind.

The target attendance for each student is to exceed 95%.  Persistent absence is classed as 90%.  If your child has a school attendance of 85% or less this is equivalent to having 28 days or more absent. Once attendance becomes a concern, we will invite you into school to attend a meeting to discuss the matter further. Below are some ways in which you can improve this.

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attendance targets


Registration opens at 08.35 until 09.00am, and in the afternoon during lesson 5.  All students should be in class at the start of these sessions.  Any child arriving after registration time must go to the student office to sign in.  If they do not, they are recorded as absent without reason.


Medical Appointments

Requests to leave school for a hospital appointment etc should always be sent into school beforehand as a written request. General medical appointments for check up’s and non-emergencies must be booked outside of school hours where possible. Any appointments booked in school hours an appointment card must be provided in order for it to be authorised. Your child must attend school before/after the appointment.


Leave of Absence

Term time leave must be requested through the school for all instances including holidays, weddings etc. Permission for leave during term time will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where proper procedures are followed. Proof of travel and confirmed return date will be requested for all applications.


Absence and Illness

If your child is absent from any reason, then a telephone message to the Attendance line (01535 692596) before 9.30 am on the first day of absence is required (the absence line is available 24 hours a day). Absences must be phoned in by the child’s parents and not a sibling etc. otherwise, will not be authorised.  A note to the Attendance Officer will be required if no such call is made.  Notes can be written in the school planner or sent to the school in a sealed envelope and must be passed to the Student Office.


 All absences are recorded as unauthorised until contact is made with school.  The school can challenge and will request medical evidence if required.  You will receive a text message from the school if your child is late or absent without reason.


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