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As technology advances the school is mindful of all the benefits that this can bring but we are also anxious that social networking sites in particular can be used in very harmful ways. The school is picking up a growing number of unsavoury incidents that have been provoked outside of school hours through misuse of such sites by some of our students and we ask that parents endeavour to police their children’s usage with increased rigour. Information about E-Safety can be found in the VLE section of this website.


Contacting School

The school is keen to develop our communication with parents. The best way of ensuring effective communication is to call the school and arrange an appointment with the relevant member of staff at a mutually agreeable time.

Parents who turn up at school expecting to see staff without an appointment will be invariably disappointed as staff teach, and have additional commitments during the working day. A member of staff will make every effort to contact you before the end of the next working day.


Change of address/contact details

It is very important that we are informed immediately if you change address.

Mobile numbers are frequently changed – please inform us as soon as possible if you change your number.


Borrowing money from school

If, on the odd occasion, your child has forgotten or lost their dinner money, we would be able to issue them with a sandwich token, this is repayable the following day.


Mobile Phones

We accept that mobile phones are an essential item that students use for communication with parents, friends etc. However, in order to allow for minimum disruption to school lessons and routines the policy is that mobile phones are not to be used or even seen once the student is through the school gates at the beginning of the school day. In addition, they must be switched off at all times. If this rule is broken the phone and sim card will be confiscated, and the phone will be returned the following Friday at

3.30 pm. Parents may contact school through the main office. Students who need to use a phone may use the school office.

Finally, if your child does carry a mobile phone please arrange insurance, as school cannot accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage.


Photographs and Filming of Students

Please ensure that you sign the Student Consent Form.


Texting system

We have a texting system in place at school that enables us to inform you of important and urgent changes or information. This system has proved to be a great help with communication between parents and school.

This system is a valuable tool but can only be effective if we are kept informed of correct mobile telephone numbers.


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