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Is your child now eligible for free school meals?

Have your families circumstances changed due to the Covid 19 pandemic?  Your child could now be eligible for free school meals.

If you wish to claim for free school meals, please type the following web address into your computer’s browser and apply online.  This is the quickest way of applying for free school meals

For more information please click on the link below:

Free School Meal Letter

Community Action Self Care Booklet

Lockdown Experiences

We as a school have decided to try and share some of our lockdown experiences and we were hoping you as students could help us and get involved with this.

Your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to write a letter back telling us all about your own lockdown experience.

Below are a few from staff in school to help give you some ideas.

"One of the best things about lockdown for me was being given the invaluable gift of time with my daughter. She turned three in the middle of lockdown and we have had loads of walking adventures (and a few disasters including me falling into the beck!). We have done loads of creative things including creating a canvas of our handprints which is now on my living room wall! One of the hardest things though had to be being completely isolated from family and friends and, as much as I love my little girl, only having a three year old to talk to was quite difficult!"


"The hardest part of lockdown for me has been not being able to see my family and friends. I have found it difficult to concentrate on my work and have lacked motivation on some days not wanting to get out of bed."


"From being someone who is constantly active and on the go most of the time with work, netball and life in general, Lockdown 2020 made me totally stop and it's been a rollercoaster of emotions. At times it was great being at home; having the time to read, binge watch a Netflix series and bake (things i don't do very often!). But the the lack of routine the longer lockdown went on was really hard. I really missed family and friends, no matter how many FaceTime calls calls or Zooms we did, it just wasn't the same as being able to see them in person for a chat, a netball game or a hug. We missed out on celebrating birthdays, proms, the end of netball, all the things we usually take for granted. I'm grateful for the time off to reflect and think about what's really important to me; family,friends, our health and believe it or not, i love my job as a teacher and I've genuinely missed being at school."


"My time during lockdown can only be described as "different" as i am sure it has been for everybody else. It has been something that I have struggled to deal with at times but really enjoyed as well. It has been like no other time I have experienced and not being in control has been tough. There has been positives and negatives in lockdown, the positives being that I have had more time to spend with my wife through her pregnancy, managed to get the house prepared for the baby's arrival and enjoy some time off together in the nice weather. It has been very tough not seeing my parents as my Dad is in the high risk category which has been a worry a lot of the time. Not having a set routine has affected me a lot on some days as I plan my day out when I get up in the morning so I know what I need to do. The worry of my wife contracting COVID19 whilst pregnant has been tough on both of us and made us extremely anxious when leaving the house to do essential tasks I am glad to be back in work as I have missed all the staff and working with the students. I am looking forward to life going back to normal and seeing everybody in September all being well."


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